NFT Cross-Chain bridge

Cross-chain bridge

In details

  • challenge

    The main challenge for us was to develop a cross-chain bridge that allows us to communicate with ethereum as with eosio blockchains and can process teleports even if it was offline for a while.


    We developed cross-chain nft teleport system that allows users to send nft tokens from ethereum blockchain to eosio blockchain just in several actions.

  • What is the core of the project?

    The main idea of the project is to develop a cross-chain bridge that handles nft teleports from ethereum to eosio and vice versa. The bridge can automatically detect new nft teleports on ethereum or eosio and execute all needed methods to transfer the same nft to eosio or ethereum blockchains.


  • specify project scope

  • investigate new blockchain - EOSIO

  • create main tasks of the project and create pseudocode for the codebase

  • estimate the project

  • implement project regarding created pseudocode


  • cross chain oracle: it detects teleports from eth/eosio and proceed them to eosio/eth

  • cross chain bridge: it runs token unlock transactions when oracles give approve